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The Finesse water management service currently focuses on the following issues:

  1. Identifying and recovering past overcharges.
  2. Identifying and implementing cost savings measures.
  3. Reducing water consumption.
  4. Ensuring compliance with Water Regulations that make it a legal requirement to control the amount of water that can be flushed from cisterns installed in the work place.
  5. Help to present a 'green' and responsible corporate image.

This service has produced excellent results, - average net savings of over 20% have been achieved, after allowing for implementation costs.

Further opportunities are now developing. The government has passed legislation that opens the market to true price competition for the first time. However, as has previously happened with the supply of electricity and gas, tariff competition is due to be phased in, starting with larger users but eventually being rolled out to smaller consumers. To enable us to offer a cost reduction service to consumers, we have developed a water management programme that can literally be funded from savings achieved.

Are You

  • Paying for water you do not use?
  • Being overcharged for sewerage?
  • Using more water than you need?

The process:

  • Step 1. Analyse and calculate current consumption and use of water.
  • Step 2. Check, and claim, for any overcharges.
  • Step 3. Check for, find and fix leaks.
  • Steps 4. Reduce consumption.
  • Steps 5. Monitor water consumption on an ongoing basis.

As with all efficiency campaigns, the first step is to find out how much water is actually being consumed. A thorough analysis of bills for at least 12 months,- 36 months if at all possible, will provide an accurate picture of consumption as most business premises are metered.

However, this figure is unlikely to be the amount of water that is being usefully consumed. The meter only measures water supplied to the boundary of business premises. Anything that happens to it afterwards is the customer?s responsibility ? and a lot can happen. Leaking pipes and leaking taps are not unusual and can be very expensive.

Finesse offer an integrated water management programme that can be entirely funded from savings achieved, yet still reduce overall water costs. No capital investment is required. Water conservation or minimisation programmes are not once and for all activities. Like all business related ventures they need to be regularly reviewed and their effectiveness evaluated. Finesse can provide such a service now, and in the future, to provide an ongoing reduction in your water costs.