IP Telephony


Mobile Communications

We have found that mobile communications, often representing a major business expense, is an area where normal business principles fly out of the window. Many organisations do not have a formal strategy for dealing with mobiles and rarely achieve economies of scale.

We have developed software programmes that enable us to analyse current mobile expenditure and make savings recommendations. We would expect savings to be in the range of 22 - 25%.

The provision of mobile services is normally associated with a contract period and there may be delays in implementing savings programmes until a contract period has been expended, at least for some of your connections. Carrying out a review will enable a phased programme to be implemented to ensure that the most appropriate tariffs and equipment are utilised as soon as possible.

Our audit approach includes:-

  • Tariff Management
  • A review of line rental and package fees
  • Network review
  • Reporting our findings and recommendations
  • Implementation
  • On going monitoring