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Originally all businesses were supplied by their regional electricity and gas companies and there was no choice available.

In 1990 the government deregulated the energy supply industry, allowing larger users to shop around and choose their supplier. In 1998 further deregulations meant that everyone was able to choose who supplies their electricity and gas and make savings on the power they use. A competitive market has been created but many businesses are still paying too much for the energy they use.

Finesse can ensure that you pay no more than you need for your energy. We are confident that our involvement will lead to lower prices being offered than would otherwise have been the case.

Regardless of the size of your electricity and gas supply, - whether half hourly, monthly or quarterly metered, your business can save money by going out to tender for your supply. Prices are continually changing and it can be beneficial to test the market regularly.

We appreciate that many customers may wish to purchase ?green energy? or energy from renewable sources. We have arrangements for the supply of green energy, - premium prices often being off-set by savings on the climate change levy. Research indicates that, prior to the introduction of full competition in the marketplace, 10-15% of all bills for the supply of electricity and gas were wrong. Extensive changes to billing arrangements, - not least because of the supporting IT systems, has resulted in this figure increasing. Finesse will check every component of your bill to ensure that any over-payment is refunded.


  • Analysis of bills from current supplier
  • Identify any billing errors and recover overcharges.
  • Market analysis/ tendering
  • Presentation of report and recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring